Friday, November 8, 2013

Top Ten Trader Joe's Finds
{Other Than Cookie Butter}

I love Cookie Butter - you love Cookie Butter - but there's no point in facing the hordes at Trader Joe's if that's the only thing you're after. {Or a cold beer, apparently.}

After extensive research, and frivolous amounts of money spent on packaged goods, I've listed the top finds at Trader Joe's worth a return visit.

1. Chocolate Croissants: Go to Trader Joe's right now {NOW!} and stock some in your freezer for Saturday morning. Let them defrost and rise overnight, and in the morning your oven is oozing Parisian patisserie smells. Magic, I tell you.

2. Pomegranate Seeds: In season all year long and pre-picked for your winter white jean's convenience. It's a glorious thing.

3. Five Seed Almond Bars: My favorite treat with coffee or tea, these bars taste like gingerbread - only packed with like a hundred different protein-rich seeds dancing in your mouth! {And by a hundred, I mean five. Better-for-you treats lead me to exaggerations. Sorry.}

4. Brussels Sprouts: Whether you want them on the stalk, halved or shaved, Trader Joe's has the most preparations of raw Brussels Sprouts in the supermarket circuit. You may never need to finely slice or process Brussels Sprouts AGAIN. {I'm still pinching myself.}

5. Macarons: That's right, macarons aren't exclusively sold at LadurĂ©e! {And if you act now, you can get them in pumpkin!}

6. Bagged & Cut Kale: If you're not tired of kale yet, you will be soon. When kale is washed and cut for you, it appears on dinner plates weekly.

7. Very Green Juice: My favorite drink that is green. The end.

8. Gone Bananas: Admitting I like these borderline kills me. Why? Because I could easily slice bananas, cover them in chocolate, and freeze them myself. {They're also made in Thailand. Shield your eyes from the fine print when reaching for the box.} This is one of those sneaky treats that you tell yourself you can have when you're dieting. 'Cause you know, bananas?

9. Ableskivers: You can buy a contraption from Williams-Sonoma to make these twice ever - or you can buy them ready-to-be-baked and slathered with jam everyday. It's an easy decision, campers.

10. Fully Cooked Lentils: I forgot lentils were even an option until Trader Joe's decided to cook them for me. It's a rinse and repeat dinner option that would be great if my husband ate lentils. {Don't feel sorry for me. I eat them in secrecy at my desk for lunch. Everyone wins.}

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  1. OMG I can not believe no one said thank you. Well let me be the first to say thanks a freaking bunch for this glorious post which I found via Pinterest . Who doesn't love Trader Joe's!!!!!